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Amisha is a reliable, trustworthy VA. She is amazing at what she does and is an extremely hard worker. She is very self-aware and always trying to improve herself. I appreciate her honesty and willingness to adapt in situations. She puts the client first and always meets her deadlines. I definitely recommend working with Amisha and will work with her again in the future.
Christine S.

Business and Mindset Coach

I am subcontracting with Amisha again! All areas of my needs were exceeded. Amisha kept great notes and followed up consistently. She is organized, efficient and very easy to work with. I am amazed at her ability to sort through my notes, previous SOP’s and my brain to help organize and create a complete product in a short time frame. I am so thankful!!
Dana C.

Director of Education and Training

Amisha is extremely motivating and is outstanding to work with. She easily accepts leadership roles and helps teams power through assignments and tasks. Amisha has always proven to be very knowledgeable and resourceful regardless of the topic or issue. She is very dependable and has proven time and time again that she is reliable and trustworthy.
Leah D.

Customer Service Manager

During my time at Medical Mutual, I worked as one of the Claims Managers in the Department and came in contact with Amisha on a daily basis. From day one, Amisha always impressed me with her attitude, energy, aptitude and initiative. She was driven to do well, and she exhibited this on the job everyday, as well as off the job by pursuing her education.

Amisha was always willing to accept new challenges and undertake new tasks to assist the Department in accomplishing its goals. Amisha was always my “go-to person” on all IS and other technology issues, and she never failed in providing the answer or help needed in an expedited and professional manner. She always impressed me with her knowledge base regardless of what project or issue I came to her to ask for her assistance and guidance. She always carried out these duties while also attending to her core job duites as the Administrative Assistant for two claims executives and three claims managers.

She always proved to be an exceptional employee who the entire Department would seek out for assistance on projects because she uniformly produced excellent results. Amisha has a great deal of potential and the ambition to succeed in any capacity. I expect her to be an strong asset and positive contributor to any organization smart enough to recognize her talents and abilities.

Joseph W.

Litigation Manager