My pricing is fair and simple. My time can be purchased in blocks of time. I will perform virtual assistant services for you as long as there are hours available within your balance. I will email you weekly to inform you of your current balance. You can “top up” at any time. Unused hours expire 1 year after purchase.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You charge different rates for different services?

No. You’re simply purchasing my time. Any service that I perform for you is included at this rate. This allows us to work on various tasks without complicating the pricing structure.

Is there a minimum that I must purchase per month?

There are no monthly minimums. You may find that you purchase 10 hrs and based upon the work that you have me doing, that could last you 1 week or several months. But you do not have to purchase a consistent amount each month.

Are Unused Hours Refundable?

There are no refunds allowed.

What if I don't use all of my time that I paid for?

The hours that you purchased remain in your account balance until used.  They will expire 1 year after purchase. Don’t worry, I will always be reminding you that you have time left to use.

what if I need to purchase more than 10 hours at a time?

No problem. Simply purchase 2 or more 10 hour packages. Or, feel free to reach out to me to discuss if you’re wanting to plan for 30 hours or more at a time.

what payment methods are accepted?

You will have the option of paying either by credit/debit card using Stripe or you can choose to use PayPal.

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